The “Amalgameted Workers CNT-AIT Union” in the city of Albacete (Spain), informed the whole staff of the Burger King’s restaurants in this city of the dispute they initiated against the management of the company, for their systematic violation of the rights of workers and unions.

The CNT-AIT union is made up of Burger King workers and other workers in solidarit. The CNT-AIT union does not stand for union elections, does not participate in the works council and has no permanent staff. It is organized as an assembly of workers who decide for themselves their demands and their strategy, without political or religious external influence.

The CNT-AIT union has written to the management of 4 franchised restaurants in Albacete (Tejares, Imaginalia, Albacenter and Autovía 31) the list of workers’ demands that the company must respect immediately.

The staff of these Burger King restaurants suffer from poor working conditions :

- non-compliance with employment contracts by the company,
- work contracts that do not comply with legal requirements,
- non-compliance with job descriptions
- non-compliance with collective agreements, particularly on hiring and working hours,
- social security fraud,
- understaffing, especially for cleaning, etc ...

The Works Council (in which the CNT-AIT does not participate by ethical principle) also denounced this situation, in parallel with our direct denunciation.

The company thad began to partially respond to our demands, by providing work clothes and returning within the framework of the collective agreement, particularly on the respect of employment contracts. But to go further in the satisfaction of all claims, it is clear that this will depend on the effort, unity and commitment of all the workers.

The obligation to give a set of work’s clothes to any worker is a compulsory part of the employment contract. But the management had not been fulfilled for a long time. The obligation for the boss is to give each employee a cap, a belt, an ID badge, two polo-shirts and two pants. Although the company's management gave us only one polo-shirt and one pair of trousers, he says he attaches great importance to personal hygiene. We are forced to work with only one work uniform but this is only one of the most visible problems for all workers. The lies of the management go as far as the signing of illegal labor contracts.

The most important problem is certainly that the company force us to sign part-time contracts that are systematically illegal, simply because it serves bests the exclusive interest of the company.

Some of the irregularities include hiring conditions, lack of staff, non-compliance with the legal working hours and, in particular, non-compliance with the 12-hour break between two days of work. The schedules are never rated, so the workers work according to the good will of the management, without being paid for overtime. As a result, there is a general feeling of awkwardness amongst all the employees.

Among the most controversial measures, the Regional Labor Inspectorate declared unconstitutional the obligation imposed by the company on employees to shave their beards. Our union is radically opposed to this corporate action because it is used by management as a means of intimidating workers on a disciplinary basis.

The company policy, which only seeks to increase its profit at all costs to the detriment of hygiene, has only resulted in the closure of a restaurant in August by the Services of Hygiene inspection ... This paradoxically has caused the company to lose thousands and thousands of euros.

In the face of all these attacks, the company must know that Burger King workers will not quietly sit idly by.

We know that the company is very concerned about the intervention of the CNT-AIT in this dispute. Management has been researching who are the people behind the CNT-AIT. (As the CNT-AIT does not participate in elections nor to Works Council, nor it has any public representative, management can not identify who are the "leaders" ... For the good reason that the CNT-AIT unions operating in assembly so there is no "leader" that the Directorate could buy or intimidate ...)

That is why CNT-AIT addressed all Burger King staff to encourage them to promote a permanent assembly of workers. An assembly where everyone can participate and get involved in the fight, until its ultimate conclusion which will be the end once and for all of the precariousness in this enterprise.

Organized workers, boss intimidated !

The strength of the workers is solidarity.

Burger King, the king of precariousness.