Last 20th of August, hundreds of Iranians living in Sweden gathered in front of the country’s parliament to protest the Islamic Republic Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s visit to the capital city Stockholm. The protests continued at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) where Zarif later delivered a speech

The protesters came from different ideological background, from Monarchists to Communists and Peoples’Moujahidin. Iranian anarchists also were present, with their own political position

Meanwhile, while Zarif was holding political and commercial talks with the Swedish goverenement and business men, Swedish police were treating the protesters with an iron fist, using batons, and detaining more than thirty

Unfortunately, one more time, the Swedish far-left organizations, including anarchists and Syndicalists were not present to this protest act and even didn’t call for it. One of the Iranian anarchists that participated to the demonstration give his point of view about what happened this day


Endless greetings to the fighting Iranian’s anarchist and leftists who – once again – dissipated the “social democrat” smoke screen masking the real essence of the Swedish state. The protesters that have been attacked and beaten by the police while they were demonstrated pacifically, had revealed the real face of the Brave and Noble Kingdom of Sweden

Thanks to this protestation, there is not more illusions about the Swedish State guarantying democracy, freedom of speech and social welfare. What happened help to increase the public awareness against those illusions. Like anywhere in the world, Capitalist System in Sweden in order to maintain its false democracy, will not hesitate to carry out brutal violence to suppress its opponents, without moderation as we have experienced here in Stockolm

This soup served by the Swedish state’s even became too salty even for the Imperial mouth of Reza Pahlavi [the son and successor of the former Shah of Iran]. “His Highness” usually propagates and sells very well – with sweets words – the constitutional monarchy’s cake, citing the Sweden Monarchy as an available exemple. But now he suddenly protests against the violence of the Royal Swedish Police and wrote on his official Telegram channel

“I hereby strongly condemn the fierce and ugly violence of the Swedish police that was carried out against my compatriots who objected to the Islamic Republic’s presence in the Sweden. It is very regrettable that the Swedish government which claims to be feminist and progressive; not only welcomes this anti-women and repressive regime, but also attacks the exiled Iranians who have been displaced and deported out of the country ”

Reza Pahlavi protests much against the Swedish Police violence against the brave exiled women and men of Iran, but he “forgets” the heir of his own father Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, who practiced an even more brutal repression in Iran itself against the left-wing and social activists, through the barbarian Royal Security and Police forces in Iran – SAVAK

But it is bitter that we can’t share the lessons of this day with the Swedish left-wings organizations, nor with internationalists or even anarchists comrades. I would like sincerely and with the hand on the heart address them this question : comrades, in which position do you stand, as you looked away with the arms crossed to those protests. Do you asleep deeply in a political winter? In the future, how will you face the future generation about yours today’s indifferent and quietly absent position

Hasse – Nima Golkar; Stockholm / August 26, 2019

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