But we are not fooled by the intentions of the Turkish government: this conditional freedom will not make us forget all those, and especially the women, who continue to rot in the Erdogan’s bastilles -  Kurds or Turks, journalists, lawyers, students, workers, ... - because they dare to rise up against the Islamic-conservative system, they dare to claim and live Freedom.

On Monday, June 17, 2 days after Ebru released, 35 activists from HDP - including 7 minors of age - were arbitrarily arrested.
Hundreds of prisoners have been fighting for months, sometimes risking their lives, to denounce the arbitrariness of their detention. We do not forget them !

The struggle continues to the complete and unconditional freedom of all prisoners, and beyond the liberation of the entire region from the curse of authoritarianism.

A special thanks to all those from all over the world (Norway, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Philipines, Greece, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia, ...) who sent messages and postcards of soldiarity !

"Freedom is a struggle that never ends ...

I thank all those who have been with me for 33 months, and who have given me strength.
I believe and I know that humanity will be much more beautiful and stronger with support.

Ebru "

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(1) To know more about the story of Ebru, please refer to this article :

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