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vendredi 1 mai 2020

Information Bulletin – Special Covid19 SRAS2 – Health and care Workers

The Coronavirus pandemic affects all countries and will have an impact - direct or indirect - on the lives of billions of people. It is important despite the crises we are going through to keep our critical mind, to try to understand how we got into this situation, how to cope, and how to imagine solutions for after the crisis.

IWA is the International Workers Association. It brings together worldwide workers, gathered into national sections, who recognize themselves in the principles, tactics and purposes of anarchosyndicalism. We want to contribute to this necessary work of collective critical reflection about the situation.

By this bulletin, we have gathered texts produced by IWA sections, or groups we feel close to, who are active in the health and care sector. It emerges from these articles that overall the situation is the same everywhere: lack of means, lack of training, staff sacrificed by an unpreparedness of the health services which have been destroyed for several years in the name of managerial efficiency and financial profitability. Today we see the effectiveness of these restructurings ... otal havoc … This disorganization and even this chaos are not the fruit of chance, they are not due to anarchists, they are the result of the combined action of the State and Capitalism. To save humanity, we have no choice but to organize collectively to put an end to the state and capitalism.

If you wish to continue receiving this newsletter, contact your AIT section in your country (contact list is on or the AIT secretariat:

"Anarchy is the highest expression of Order. "(E RECLUS)

Let’s finish with the Chaos of State and Capitalism!

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dimanche 29 mars 2020


[download PDF : AERONAUTIQUE 2020-03-29_en

Pandemic continues to ravage the world. All are affected, old, young, cashiers, doctors. Even current deputies or former ministers ... The President of the Republic was very clear: we are at war, and to win this war you must stay at home. The State will pay in full those who take shelter.

Yes but here, again, the political word are bullshit. We are told that to govern is to foresee: they have been incapable of planning to stock up on masks, tests, drugs that would have helped to stem the spread of the disease. When Macron had promised that all workers who don’t work would be paid whatever the cost, he hadn't foreseen the consequences.

Result, now that they have done their calculations, they no longer want to assume the cost of their improvisation, and it is us that they ask to assume the risks of their stupidity by paying with our health and maybe our life, while going back to work.

Employees of the aerospace industry, we therefore received emails from our dear HR managers who beg us to return to work to save the company. Their main argument? Excerpt from the email we received: "Even if the State communicates about paying your earning while you are under Job retention Scheme, it is the company that will have to advances wages and we are not sure that we will be reimbursed by the State". In other words, because the bosses do not trust the state to fulfill its promises, we are asked to avoid the hole in the business’s assets created by Job retention and we have to take all the risks!

To try to reassure us, the bosses are fawning. They describe to us all the good measures they have put in place for us: disinfectant, hydro alcoholic gel, daily sanitation disinfection tour, working groups in small numbers, protocol for respecting safety distances, wearing a mask if necessary… So many nice concerns to get us back to work. On the other hand, not a word on the installation of hand washers with non-manual control, which alone would prevent transforming the taps into a source of re-contamination of the hands...

To support their request, the bosses join us a letter signed by three ministers, Lemaire [economy], Pénicaud [work] and Véran [Health] who are crying "it is crucial that the production factories can continue to work on French territory". A letter from ministers of the very State whose boss himself tells us that he is not sure that it will keep their promises...


As the HR managers are not completely stupid and know that we only have moderate confidence in the word of the State and its representatives, to finish reassuring us they join us a letter signed by the Unions (CFE-CGC, CFDT and FO metals) and confirm that an “extraordinary Joint Consultative Committee (CSE) has given a favorable opinion on the back-to-work under the conditions that we have defined together”. In other words, the Unions have agreed with the bosses on how we are going to be exploited. When we tell you that Unions are there to discuss the length of our chains or the thickness of the mask, this is confirmed once again!

Let us be clear: it is not that we are against creating or producing goods, nor that the risk scares us. But even if it means endangering our health and that of our families, we want it to be USEFUL, for everyone. In the current pandemic and stopped world economy, what is the meaning and the usefulness of working "as usual"? We agree to go back to work despite the risk, but to produce medical equipment, respirators, hospital beds, masks, and disinfectant, in short, things that are really necessary and socially useful. Will AIRBUS and its subcontractors continue to manufacture and mount military equipment?

It is we, the workers, who produce all the wealth. It is we who collectively have the power to stop this madness in the first place by refusing to work through withdrawal or a general strike, and then by taking over the production tools and making it work for the collective good.


CNT-AIT 's workers of aerospace industry

contact [at] -
Facebook: @ cnt.ait.toulouse / @ chats.noirs.turbulents

vendredi 6 mars 2020


To date, unlike what happened with H1N1 in 2009, many of us healthcare workers have not received our endowment of FFP2 masks needed to treat patients. While the state had two months to build up reserves of these much-needed protections, it seems it has done nothing.

A practitioner explains: "Not shaking hands with our patients is insufficient, will not protect us from contamination by air, it should be understood that the shortage of FFP2 masks can quickly lead to the shortage of caregivers, by their quarantine, with the consequences that this implies. ".

Obviously, the budgetary choices have been made, on the one hand, the State have enough budget for organizing summits, meetings and even a State National Security Council, intended to divert and deceive the people, on the other, the State leaves health workers unprotected.

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samedi 29 février 2020


A society based on human exploitation needs a rigorous sexual order. The status of women in a society is a fundamental element of the analysis of the political context; and women’s status is inseparable from the weight which is given in the community to traditions and religions.
This obviousness is often "forgotten" today. Indeed, even in circles that think themselves to be progressive, even in the libertarian milieu, which nonetheless pretends to be feminist and anti-patriarchal, the heaviest conservatisms have corrupted discourses and thoughts (1).Certainly, reactionnaries did it skillfully. They no longer express themselves according to the old rhetoric, "Work, family, homeland". They camouflage themselves behind new clothes and take the disguises of "regionalism", of the defense "of the native peoples", of that of the concept of "customs" when it is not "respect" for "certain religious traditions" or even “decolonialization”...
A detour through history will help us understand the issues. That of the Russian Revolution is particularly enlightening from this point of view. In his book "The Unknown Revolution ", a work of the greatest interest, russian anarchist Voline shows us how, during the Russian Revolution of 1917, more than three centuries of oppression have been suddenly swept away by the total break with the ideology of power and by the deconsecration of the tsar (the Russian emperor).

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samedi 21 décembre 2019


A text from the French CNT-AIT written in March 2006, covering anarcho-syndicalist tactics and strategy.

Thursday 29th July 2010

The following text was written to help people discover, remind themselves or popularize the various syndicalist methods of struggle because in any battle, one must start from a few key ideas:

Hitting the enemy harder than they can hit you, or better - hitting them so they can't hit back.

Analysing the power balance:
-How great are our numbers
-How much other workers and the general population will sympathise with or reject our struggle
-What are our financial constraints, ie. financial and material resources available to continue the fight

Avoiding exhaustion: fighting too arduously from the start can be a weakness: the employers are prepared to overcome short term difficulties by transferring production, resuming production in other places, maintaining stocks, using scabs, financial reserves, etc.

Knowing how to stop a fight, avoiding fighting to the end when the situation is unfavourable. A continued minority occupation of a business ends up offering the boss discontented people who can he can turn against the strikers. Wages lost become so great that resuming a struggle becomes difficult. Disillusionment makes mobilisation harder.

Allowing for a return to the struggles or demands.

Analysing the history, strategy, and objectives of the forces in play: Bosses/workers: (moderate or hardline employers, combative or passive employees) Organisation/struggles (whether the unions are weak or radical, if the fights benefit from autonomous experience etc..)

---The fights are defined by the employment category, territorial extent or by their content.---

Employment category: struggles of unskilled workers, skilled workers, postal workers or nurses, white collar workers, teachers, technicians etc … called sectional struggles. If the struggle involves the entire company or institution and deals with claims for all staff, the struggle is industrial.

Territoriality: if the struggle takes place in one particular location of a business, it is a local fight. Example: Visteon.

A fight at the group level is located in several places but within the same company: Example: the postal strikes.

The struggle may be in a sector or industry: examples: the health sector or education sector. The struggle can take place in all business lines and sites.

Content: content of the struggle can be material (wages, pensions, working conditions hours, health and safety), political (changing a law, a critique of anti social policy, gaining new union rights, the formation of worker counter-power within a company...) It can also of course combine the two aspects: for example the simplification and standardisation over grades and qualifications in a given industry. This material claim allows the unification of workers in the same industry and thus open the prospect of larger struggles.

The fight may also simply be held in solidarity with other struggles.

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vendredi 13 décembre 2019


Un peu d'optimisme dans un moment sombre…

Déclaration de SOLFED, section en Grande Bretagne de l’Ait, suite aux résultats des élections législatives Britanniques en lien avec le Brexit

Il ne s'agit pas de clamer "on vous l'avait bien dit!". Nous avons des amis proches et des camarades solides qui ont mis leur foi et leur énergie dans Corbyn et dans le Parti Travailliste. Nous n'avons que de la sympathie [au sens propre : souffrir avec …] et des condoléances pour eux. La perte d'espoir doit ressembler à un deuil. Nous sommes désolés, collectivement, pour l'angoisse que des millions de personnes ressentent aujourd'hui.

Mais nous pouvons vous aider et nous pouvons vous proposer une alternative. Nous savons maintenant que personne ne viendra nous sauver. C'est OK, pas de problème. Nous pouvons nous sauver nous-même. Solfed-AIT et la gauche anarchiste / libertaire ont toujours cru que le vrai pouvoir venait d'en bas, pas d'en haut. Nous n'avons pas à attendre qu'un autre politicien socialiste nous sauve des conservateurs, les Tories, nous pouvons nous sauver nous-même. Nous croyons que la politique commence à la maison, dans nos relations avec nos familles, nos amis, nos voisins et nos collègues de travail. Nous savons que la politique électorale est hors-jeu, du moins pendant quelques années. Essayons donc une stratégie alternative. Construisons des vraies et solides communautés de voisinage et des lieux de travail, capables de lutter contre la classe dirigeante. Faisons-le nous-mêmes et n'attendons pas les prochaines élections dans cinq ans pour un autre lancer de dés parlementaires. La politique concerne ce que nous faisons nous-mêmes, pas qui nous choisissons pour faire à notre place.

Voici nos suggestions :

Parlez à vos voisins. Cherchez quels problèmes inquiètent les gens de votre voisinage, de votre quartier. Rassemblez-vous, tenez des réunions, découvrez les compétences et les ressources que vous avez entre vous et élaborez un plan pour résoudre les problèmes. Parlez à d'autres quartiers, travaillez ensemble et commencez à bâtir une vague de communautés de voisinages organisées. Ne faites pas confiance à la police, ni aux politiciens, ni aux entreprises, même pas aux associations caritatives ; ce ne sont pas nos amis. La nuit dernière l'a prouvé.

Parlez à vos collègues de travail. Cherchez ce qui se passe au travail, ce dont les gens ont peur, sont stressés ou en colère. Réunissez-vous et tenez des réunions sur le lieu de travail. Trouvez un plan et commencez à riposter. Parlez à d’autres travailleurs et commencez à créer un mouvement d’organisations de travailleurs libres et autogérées. Ne faites pas confiance aux patrons, aux politiciens ni aux syndicats - ils ne sont pas de votre côté !

Enfreindre les règles. Le pouvoir politique ne vaut rien s'il ne peut être appliqué. Si vous êtes assez fort pour riposter, alors ils ne peuvent rien faire pour vous blesser.

Continuer de parler. Passez le mot et les idées. Surtout, parlez de vos victoires et succès. Ce truc semble impossible jusqu'à ce que nous réalisions à quel point c'est facile.

Soyez bienveillants les uns envers les autres. Il y a de la force dans le nombre et la connectivité est le pouvoir. Vos alliés et amis sont la seule chose dont vous disposez. Chérissez-les.

Ceci n'est pas une campagne de recrutement. Ne rejoignez pas Solfed-AIT si vous ne le souhaitez pas. Mais si vous vous adressez à nous, nous pourrons partager des idées et nous pourrions surement être capables de vous aider.

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mercredi 4 décembre 2019

CHILE : Some news from Germinal Anarchist Group (2019-12-04). " just know it's not Marx. It's more like Bakunin."

Dear companions,

[After one month of harsh struggle] here in Concepción we have not yet had detained companions, or prisoners, even if some have been wounded with pellets in the first weeks of struggle.

Here a strong presence has been maintained in the street and also in some neighborhoods organizing or participating in self-convened assemblies, where the way of organizing has been very interesting, very anarchist style. It has been possible to maintain a strong fight until today December 3 without lowering our arms, everywhere in the same way, this in Santiago, Valparaiso, Iquique, Tocopilla, Puerto monte, that is to say in almost the entire national territory.

I send you a text, which we sent at the beginning of the popular uprising and which is still very valid. Especially today, that the government has pointed out that the enemies that started the fires, looting and that today maintain the streets taken are the Anarchists, therefore, they seek to initiate a repressive campaign against groups and individuals.

Germinal Anarchist Group

Concepcion Chile, 2019-12-04
(illustrations: images of popular assemblies in Santiago and Temuco neighborhoods)

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vendredi 18 octobre 2019

The Arab Spring: failed revolutions and a successful transfer of power

From our friends of Tunisian Anarchist Union, translated by our compañeros of ASF-IWA Australia :

The Arab Spring: failed revolutions and a successful transfer of power

It seems as if there is a predetermined pattern or a pre-equipped program for all the so-called (Arab Spring revolutions), demonstrations against a corrupt and decaying old authority, suppressed by the regime's police forces, the army intervenes to stop the repression after a while and declares itself a neutral force outside the regime and rule among the political forces The Salafis were used as a scarecrow to frighten the liberal forces, handing power to the right wing of the regime represented in the moderate political Islam (the Brotherhood) for a while, and then transferring power to other wings of the former regime, wings that did not emerge in the first rows of it, the above.

Formelly speaking, this is almost a full success !

What happened in all the Arab Spring revolutions, with different differences imposed by the local circumstances of each state, the Islamists always enter the line, always end up handing over power to the former regime, the army always plays the role of neutral government, and the revolutionary movement always ends in a worse economic and political situation.

On the political front, liberals like to call these revolutions failures, while the traditional left atributes those failures to external conspiracies against [sovereignty and] national regimes. All this shows us on the contrary that those Revolutions have succeeded in fulfilling their mission.

We can, of course, justify and explain this view

But let's start by defining the pattern of movement of these revolutions from within:

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mercredi 16 octobre 2019

ECUADOR : "Who financed the indigenous movement?"

There are people who are dreaming  of monsters:
Who financed the indigenous movement?

During the 11 days of the National Strike, an imaginary of a strike financed by correismo (from Correa, the former President of Republic of Ecuador, who is currently hidden in Beligium in order to escpe the trial for corruption …) was built, and then after they said it was Maduro pulling the strings. ... it seemed that the media had a clear script, in order to keep Lenin Moreno as President and build the necessary elements to convince the people that an attempted coup d'etat was going on..

But what is the reply to the question “who financed the indigenous movement for eleven days ?”

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Bogotá (Colombia) 10/09/2019


The pressures made by the International Monetary Fund have led to the reduction of wages by up to 20% and the elimination of taxes on the importation of agricultural machinery and raw materials. The increases in the price of fuel impacted the public transport sector who led the demonstrations on October, 3d. On October, 4th, students and workers joined the movement, so the demonstrations in the city of Quito took on an insurgent nature.

The indigenous communities decided to join the movement and reach the city of Quito, joining forces with the workers and students, since the transport union ceased its struggle once the transport rates increases had been agreed by false representatives of that union.

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lundi 14 octobre 2019

CNT-AIT Spain : Solidarity with prisoners on hunger strike and with Antoine Nieto Galindo

Next Saturday, October 19, 2019, at 18h, the CNT-AIT Catalunya will organize on the Angels’ Plaza in Barcelona, ​​an informative and solidarity action with prisoners on hunger strike and with Antoine Nieto Galindo. Antoine, a social and anarchist rebel, is the oldest political prisoner in Europe (and perhaps the world oldest political prisoner, a sad record ...) He has been imprisoned for more than 50 years for not having given in to the injustices of the penitentiary system. Although seriously ill, these same prison injustices prevent him from getting out of prison, thus not respecting the bourgeois laws themselves.

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ECUADOR : This is not over, it has only just begun.

These long days of mobilization have shown us that mutual support exists, and that the anarchist utopia is still alive, because for a few days the park of “El Arbolito” and its surroundings became that place, that place where the people defended itself, fed, cared for, cured and attended the people. Food, medicine and clothing arrived without stopping, while in the barricades the popular guard resisted the advances of the police and cleared any tear bomb that could affect the brothers who were inside the park.

By another side, many hands were still available to prepare the food that arrived, the food was never lacking, the bread was never lacking, in each corner someone offered you water, juice, fruit or a “tarrina” (tub) of food, while congratulating you and encouraging you to continue in the fight.

Long chains of people could be seen moving stones to build and supply the barricades, while at the shouting of "Medico !" the brigade was attending to mobilize and assist the wounded comrades in battle.

Thus, each of us brought and contributed, on the battlefield, in the chain, in the shelter, in the kitchen, in the medical brigade, and in each of the places that allowed this mobilization to be possible.

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jeudi 10 octobre 2019

An example of anarchosyndicalist struggle: CNT-AIT versus BURGER KING

The “Amalgameted Workers CNT-AIT Union” in the city of Albacete (Spain), informed the whole staff of the Burger King’s restaurants in this city of the dispute they initiated against the management of the company, for their systematic violation of the rights of workers and unions.

The CNT-AIT union is made up of Burger King workers and other workers in An example of anarchosyndicalist struggle: CNT-AIT Albacete(SPAIN) against BURGER KING

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samedi 14 septembre 2019


Friday, August 28, 2009

I would like to discuss an interesting communiqué from the French Anarchist Federation (FAF) (June 2009) which values ​​"... practices based on the Amerindian habits and customs and tradition of direct democracy which not are not only developped into the "original" (native) peoples communities, but also expading outside those communities. " Because "These values are joining some anarchist proposals : autonomy from the state and political parties, collective decisions, federalism."

Anarchists realize that people in the Amazon rainforest are implementing principles that are dear to them, fine ! Although, contrary to what an unrepentant Westerno-centrism makes them write, it is not the Native Americans who "join us" but we who are getting our bearings : after all, their practices pre-exist a few centuries before the creation of the FAF (and of the CNT-AIT) !

The notion of "habits and customs / traditions" remains to be discussed. Presented as it is, it gives the impression that all this is respectable! But seniority does not make quality, and in the Americas, as in Europe, there is obviously a sort to be done in all the traditions ! Finally, the notion of "original (native) peoples" seems to me to be racial (if not racist).


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lundi 9 septembre 2019


"The Sarajevo assassination" is known in history as the assassination perpetrated on Sunday, June 28, 1914, against Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife, Sophie Chotek, Duchess of Hohenberg1, by the group Young Bosnia (Mlada Bosna). Gavrilo Princip was the author of the fatal shots. This event is considered as the trigger of the First World War, which resulted in the defeat, fall and dismemberment of the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German and Ottoman empires, as well as the outbreak of the Russian and German Revolution.

But who were these Young Bosnia? Were they Serb nationalists, as the Serbian Government is now pretending, in an attempt to rewrite history?

Our anarchosyndicalist companions of Anarchosyndicalist Initiative (ASI) of Belgrade set the record straight at the History’s time  ...

(Translation of an article published in the July 2019 issue of "Direktna Akcija", Action Directe)

"Every night, I dreamed that I was an anarchist, that I was fighting with cops."

Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Young Bosnia, talking about his life before the assassination of Sarajevo

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lundi 26 août 2019

PARIS : inauguration of the garden federica MONTSENY and Republican exorcism

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jeudi 8 août 2019

1939-1945: Anarchist activity in France during World War II

Patchy historical information about the activity of some anarchists - revolutionary and pacifist - in France during World War II and under occupation.</

This is summary of material from the C.I.R.A., Marseille, Bulletin No. 21/22 (Summer, 1984), which had the theme Anarchists and the Resistance.

Jean Rene Sauliere (alias Andre Arru) was one of the anarchist participants in the French resistance to the Nazis and their Vichy collaborators during World War II. He was born in Bordeaux in 1911 and became an orphan during the First World War. In early adulthood he made his living as a travelling salesman. He belonged to the Bouches-du-Rhone section of the Federation of Free Thinkers, and was elected its president. He also joined the anarchist movement and became a pacifist. Several years before the outbreak of the 1939-1945 conflict, he decided that he would never participate in any war. Like other pacifists and revolutionaries, he saw war as a solution worse than the evil it was supposed to combat. By 1939, Sauliere decided that he would not voluntarily submit to arrest for refusing to serve in the military if called. He intended to escape in order to continue the struggle as a pacifist and anarchist. This was a common attitude in the left libertarian and revolutionary syndicalist circles of the time.

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mercredi 24 juillet 2019


Currently, since beginning of summer 2019, a huge movement of strike is hitting the Health care industry in France, and especially the Nursing homes for elderly (EHPAD in French) and the Hospitals’ Emergency unit.

This movement fights for dignity for workers and for hospital patients.

What is new is that this movement emerged from the workers themselves, inspired by the dynamic of the Yellow Vests, outside from the trade-unions (even if unions are running after the movement to try to catch it and canalize it)

To understand what is at stake, we republish below an article we issued 10 years ago exactly ... when we supported struggles and strikes of staff from different retirement homes. But at that time those strikes ran only localy, in isolated movements, so it didn't last enough for a global change.

While the overall situation has not changed from what we described in our article (apart the name of the Ministers that has changed, but policy stays as ever .. ), maybe the generalized awareness of the workers in this industry will lead to a general strike (and not isolated struggles) that would achieve a balance of power sufficient ?

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